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Paper Cuts lyrics


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     Paper Cuts
    >> Nirvana
        At my feeding time
    She pushes food through the door
    I crawl towards the cracks of light
    Sometimes I can't find my way
    Newspapers spread around
    Soaking all that they can
    A cleaning is due again
    A good hosing down

    The lady whom I feel maternal love for
    Cannot look me in the eyes
    But I see hers and they are blue
    And they cock and twist and masturbate
    I'd save some(3x)(A SICK SOUL)

    Black windows of paint
    I scratch with my nails
    I see others just like me
    Why do they not try to escape
    They bring out the older ones
    They pointed my way
    They come with the flashing lights
    And take my family away

    And very later I have learned to
    Accept some friends of ridicule
    My whole existence is for your amusement
    And that is why I'm here with you take me with your right
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